Our vision is to ensure risk management adds value to your organisation. What would you like risk management to achieve?



A user friendly tool that helps organise risks, their treatments, an assessment of contingency and supports ongoing management.



An easily used tool which helps drive a visible, more accurate estimate and encourages ongoing contingency management.



A simple toolset that helps distil issues into a single “most likely” settlement figure to assist in Negotiations and Mediation.

Consultancy Services

RiskTools offers Consultancy Services in three areas:

  • Development Services
  • Specialist Services
  • Training

Consultancy Services

RiskTools Consultancy adds value to your organisation through:

  • Development Services - Designed to assist your own team to undertake risk management.
  • Specialist Services - Specialist “one off” type services where in-house expertise is not efficient.
  • Training - Where your team can gain formal qualifications in risk management.
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Risk Organiser


We have three products:

  • RiskOrganizer – to help you identify and manage risks across your business
  • ContingencyEstimator – to help you assess a suitable contingency amount for your estimate
  • IssuesValuer – to improve the assessment of issues and make negotiation and mediation more efficient
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Our Latest

Our Latest

Project Risk Management A KISS approach - eBook

This eBook provides the steps we have developed over many years of consultancy to help you undertake project risk management in your organisation.

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ERM v Project Risk and aggregation

Some enterprise risk managers seek to aggregate risks across an organisation. This is fraught with difficulties when it comes to project risk....