Business improvement examples

Asset Owner

More people managing risk
Improved business outcomes
Reduced contract risks
More reliable estimates (planned v actual converge)
Early resolution of issues


Differentiate tender from competitors
Use EOI to influence tender documents
Reduce contract risks
More reliable estimates
Early resolution of issues


Reduce business risks
Safe design
Improve PI insurance value
Differentiate your services from competitors
More reliable estimates
If any or just one of the above are of interest, then please use this link

Three paths to improvement

Do It Yourself (DIY)

Do It Yourself (DIY)

Least cost slower ramp up

  • Baseline your process
  • Access videos on process and toolsets
  • Purchase subscription (includes detailed procedure)
  • Measure outcomes

Initial Assistance

Initial Assistance

Minimal cost quick ramp up

We facilitate two workshops:

  • Risk identification
  • Treatment

Includes training one of your team

Tailored solution

Tailored solution

Phase costed plan

  • Tailored to suit your specific needs
  • You select when and if phases proceed
  • Baseline phase often identifies savings that will fund improvements.


Risk Management

  • Easily used by anyone
  • One screen for managing data
  • One screen for selecting exact report you need now
  • Very cost effective

Uncertain cost Management

Toolsets with built in Monte Carlo modelling so project team can manage cost uncertainty.

  • Uncertainty arises due to three areas of variability.
  • Our toolsets model each area so anyone can run simulations whenever needed and derive the most likely cost.


  • Assess the cost of carrying risks
  • Built into RiskOrganizer
  • Ongoing management of contingency


  • Manage estimate uncertainty
  • More reliable and visible estimate
  • Improved scope definition
  • Monthly end cost forecasting easily undertaken


  • Realistic assessment of the cost of issues
  • Earlier resolution avoiding dispute process
  • Save legal costs
  • Reduce opportunity costs (team can move onto next project quicker)