Adding Value

Our Vision is to ensure Project Risk Management adds value to you and your organisation. We do this through:

Why Undertake Project Risk Management?

Projects by their nature carry risks.
Good risk management largely drives whether a project is successful or not.

(Even successful projects could do better!)


Why have a Project Risk Management system?

A good Project Risk Management System will save you time and money by:

  • Enabling you to drive a proactive approach so risks are managed before they become issues
  • Adopting a system that is more efficient and effective than your current system. (After 20 years specialising in project risk management, we can guarantee that statement!)

However, do not take our word for it.
Our book Integrated Project Risk Management will enable you to assess this for yourself.

Why a Toolset?

A toolset is the core to an integrated project risk management system. It should:

Improve Efficiency

add value by saving you time

Increase Effectiveness

support you in your management role
These aspects are covered in more detail in our book Integrated Project Risk Management

You can compare your current with your desired situation with this checklist:

Need Some Help?

Our goal with Consultancy is unusual as it is the same as yours:
circle Minimise Consultancy and keep your costs down.

We do this by focussing on your teams becoming competent in the system as fast as possible so that Consultancy is no longer required.

We can undertake all consultancy and workshops remotely.

All our Consultancy is deliverable based so you can assess the value prior to engagement.

Our specific Consultancy packages are described here.