Risk Management should add value to your organisation.

It should be simple and efficient if it is to be adopted at all levels.

RiskTools has 3 cloud based tools to simplify the complex levels of risk management within your organisation. Using RiskTools software will enable you to:

  • Save time
  • Improve communication
  • Enhance reporting & control

The RiskTools Toolset


A user friendly tool that helps organise risks, their treatments, an assessment of contingency and supports ongoing management.

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An easily used tool which helps drive a visible, more accurate estimate and encourages ongoing contingency management.

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A simple toolset that helps distil issues into a single “most likely” settlement figure to assist in Negotiations and Mediation.

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"It fundamentally changed the way we approached risk management such that I recommended it to other internal business units because I believed they would benefit from using it as well." Senior Project Manager, Boral

Using RiskTools will...


Whichever toolsets you adopt, each has been designed to save you time

This is through:

  • More efficient workshops
  • Easy data entry (initial and updating)
  • Quantitative Monte Carlo simulations with one click
  • Reports that support monthly reporting regimes
Single intuitive data entry screens.
Easy to Use with data quickly updated.
Report screens that assist not just with data
but the underlying processes and ongoing

Improve your communications

Each toolset is simple and intuitive so any in your organisation can quickly become an efficient User

This means:

  • More people able to undertake risk management – better organisation wide business outcomes
  • Easily accessible reports (so anyone can get precisely the information they need)
  • Cloud based so up to date information can be accessed from anywhere at anytime

Give you greater reporting & control

Each toolset has been designed with management in mind.

You will be able to quickly:

  • See what should be undertaken next
  • Identify who would benefit from some assistance
  • Improve your financial management from estimating, ongoing management through to dispute resolution
Ability to easily assess contingency through
Monte Carlo modelling in one click.
Updating data is a breeze
"We guarantee that you will not find simpler processes or toolsets anywhere"
Our processes and toolsets have been developed from practical experience.
This means that you can be assured:

1. They work
2. They are simple to use
3. They have withstood the test of time

KISS is our mantra. The processes and toolsets are as minimalist and efficient as is possible.

After 30 years in the field we can guarantee that you will not find simpler processes or simpler toolsets anywhere.

Prove us wrong and we will give you a FREE
lifetime user licence!

What Our Clients Say...

“Managing risk, in our major civil works development projects, use to be applied in an ad­-hoc manner with the support of spreadsheets that resulted in inconsistency in approach and time-­consuming manual updates for tracking and reporting purposes.”

Senior Project Manager

“Intuitive and very easy to use. Plus, the support is excellent. Any requirement for custom reports have always been provided promptly.”

Major Projects Manager

“Shifts the management of risk from being owned by one person, on a spreadsheet, on a restricted drive, to one where the risk management information can be accessed by all staff.

Neil Parker, Project
Management Consultant

Pinc Group Pty Ltd

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