The start of the development of our flagship tool RiskOrganizer was way back in 2000. There have been some substantial improvements over the years but the biggest is the new Version 8 the release of which coincides with this website launch. V8 is a browser based toolset which may be used with any of the usual browsers. Current users need not be alarmed as the user interface screens are similar to earlier versions which have worked well for many years. Details of the changes will be part of specific blogs and change over to the new version with Clients will occur over 2015.

We have also developed a new tool called ContingencyEstimator. The development has arisen as a result of many engagements with Clients and the desire for a more robust method for assessing contingency. ContingencyEstimator and its underlying processes specifically address the risks associated with the estimate.

Further details of both toolsets may be found on the relevant products page.