RiskTools was formed as a result of Consultancy work undertaken with many Clients. The processes that were developed sprung from AS/NZS 4360 which as with many standards describes “What” needs to be done. (The processes also support the latest standard - ISO 31000.)

       A team of us then worked on the “How” and this was the precursor to the development of each of our toolsets. As a result the toolsets support a well-honed repeatable process. The procedures are straightforward and largely described in the Help manual of the toolsets. 


Additional procedures are available at no cost to any who have purchased a licence. We have called these processes “Development Consultancy”. Our goal with these is to assist both Consultants and Clients to develop competency in the processes so they may be undertaken in-house.

For more details on this aspect of RiskTools please visit our Development Consultancy page. If you are a Consultant, then, once you have developed in house competency there is the opportunity to assist your Clients with these efficient processes.

In addition to the above we provide a range of “Specialist Consultancy” where the nature of the work does not warrant in house competency (eg they are infrequent and the cost/benefit does not support developing in-house expertise). More detail on these may be found on our Specialist Services page. (These services will also be the subject of future blogs.)