Integrated Project Risk Management - a system for adding value to your organisation

This book will enable you to assess the effectiveness of your current approach:
Review the efficiency of an “essentials” only process
Evaluate the integration of project risk management in action
Improve the management of precious capital across the project cycle

This book will enable you to:

  • Drive Efficiency and Effectiveness

    Adopt a proven "essentials" process to drive efficiency and effectiveness

  • Integrate project risks

    Across project functions, The project cycle and Through management levels (project to the executive).

  • Improve Capital Management

    Improve the management of precious capital by proactive management of contingency

What you will take away by reading this book

Save Time
and Money
  • Each chapter enables you to reflect on the value of that step.
  • Is more efficient than your current system so will save you time and costs.
  • Is readily managed at project level and engenders proactive management of project specific risks with their resultant (often huge) savings.
Total System

  • The book provides a total system for undertaking project risk management.
  • Process focused on “Essentials” which is as efficient as is possible.
  • Integrated so all management levels benefit from the system.
  • Ready assessment and ongoing management of contingency.
Tools to assess value for yourself
  • Download checklists and assess the value of a step to your organisation.
  • View videos to see how easy parts of the system are to use.
  • Identify the potential savings for proactive management of contingency.

Proven system so you can be assured it:

1. Has stood the test of time
2. Is simple to use
3. ...and it works!

It will save you significant time and money through being more efficient and effective than your current system.

What Our Clients Say...

Although I have been using the system with other Clients for many years the book was nonetheless illuminating. Each chapter underpins savings. Chapter 1 alone will save you thousands paying for the cost of the book many times over.

Michael Latin
AQCES Consulting

An easy read, focusing on what is essential for effective risk management, makes it is a must for Project Managers at all levels

Steven Blacker

Risk is underrated by many project participants, but I know, having used this system for many years, it always identifies new important risks saving time and money.

Stuart Green
ACOR Consultants

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