Our Packages

This is essentially a “one off” process and is therefore more efficiently facilitated by RiskTools. It includes a 5 User subscription for three months to assist your understanding of the system.

  • Risk Identification and Analysis
  • Treatments
  • Contingency
    1. Qualitative
    2. Inherent
  • IssuesValuer

Workshops have two key outcomes. Identifying project specific risk data to improve project outcomes and exposing participants to the system so they become trained in its use. Ideally workshops should include an inhouse “in training” facilitator with a focus on them becoming competent in the facilitation process. Future workshops can then be facilitated inhouse.

All workshops can be undertaken on-line however a Risk Identification and Analysis workshop normally has more than a half dozen participants and works best if it is held in a single room. (Communication is 80% non-verbal.)

  • Project risk management
  • Safe Design (Safety in design)
  • Contingency management

We also assist with specific risk management requirements such as contributing to writing briefs/contracts (asset owners), responding to briefs (consultants) and submitting tenders (contractors).

Consultancy Enquiry

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