If you’re a Consultant then assisting your Clients to better manage risks on a project is normally part of offering professional services. Consultants can significantly enhance the services offered to a Client by using a structured risk management process.

RiskTools can help you to:

  • Develop an integrated risk management process for your business (risk integration) that can be applied to your Client base as well as internal business processes.
  • Assess the risks to your business when taking on new clients.
  • Assess whether to submit a proposal by developing and make early decisions about the best opportunities for your business.
  • Ensure you get designs right the first time by undertaking risk management during planning and design phases using RiskOrganizer.
  • Assess the costs of carrying risks, develop contingencies and understand the affect of risk mitigation strategies using RiskIntegrator.
  • Improve subconsultant arrangements based on appropriate risk sharing strategies.
  • Manage contract risks including assessing the cost of unresolved issues using IssuesValuer.
  • Undertake HAZOP studies and safety in design assessments.
  • Develop risk management strategies for internal business processes. including management of Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI insurance).

Getting started

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