Contingency Estimator

How confident are you in the accuracy of your estimates and ongoing forecasts?

Precious capital funds are needed to undertake projects so accuracy and the timely return of unneeded contingency is essential

ContingencyEstimator software will enable you to:
  • Drive a quick structured inquisitorial workshop to improve your estimate
  • Derive a visible and soundly based contingency allowance
  • Undertake updates quickly so surplus contingency can be returned as work proceeds

ContingencyEstimator Features

  • Easy Importing

    Import your estimate direct from Excel

  • Intuitive

    Screens with easy data entry and highlighting of errors

  • Monte Carlo

    Simulation of data in just one click

  • Multiple Simulations

    For parts of a project, a project or programme of projects

  • Sales Variables

    Catered for so that income may be better assessed

  • Reports

    That support ongoing management

  • Cloud based

    Easy access from anywhere

  • Data Protection

    Simulations may be run by "Report Users" whilst still protecting data

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Password: 123

Using ContingencyEstimator will...

  • Supports small quick inquisitorial workshop to improve estimate accuracy
  • Derives a realistic contingency allowance
  • Contingency simulation may be quickly run for part or all of a project or programme.
  • Process that drives discussion between key stakeholders
  • Visible process that improves stakeholder confidence in estimate accuracy
  • Simulations may be run and reports generated by any User at any time
  • Reports that prioritise where focus should be to improve an estimate.
  • Gives structure to gate reviews and demonstrates the accuracy of estimates
  • Easy to update data and reduce contingency promptly
  • Improves management of precious capital

Assessing Inherent Contingency

Improving your cost estimates

"We guarantee that you will not find simpler processes or toolsets anywhere"
Our processes and toolsets have been developed from practical experience.
This means that you can be assured:

1. They work
2. They are simple to use
3. They have withstood the test of time

KISS is our mantra. The processes and toolsets are as minimalist and efficient as is possible.

After 30 years in the field we can guarantee that you will not find simpler processes or simpler toolsets anywhere.

Prove us wrong and we will give you a FREE
lifetime user licence!

What Our Clients Say...

“I have used CE in over 10 projects as it provides a forensic insight into and understanding of the estimate. The reporting highlights items to focus on.”

Tim Wise, Director
Capital Works Consulting

“ContingencyEstimator is a simple, effective tool for facilitating an estimate review workshop, documenting uncertainty and calculating Inherent contingency using a risk based modelling approach. Customer support is also very responsive and helpful.”

Senior Project Manager

“Easily navigated input screen that contains all the functionality needed to effectively manage and control risk in accordance with the Australian Standards.”

Neil Parker Project
Management Consultant

Pinc Group Pty Ltd

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