If you’re a contractor risk management is key to the successful outcome of a contract.

Recent research in the UK has found that 57% of contractors regularly declined tenders due to a lack of confidence in managing high risks OR added a too large contingency and lost the job as a result (refer Professor Loosemore presentation to AIPM & CIOB March 2006)

Risk management starts from the moment you consider whether to submit a tender.

RiskTools can help you to:

  • Develop an integrated risk management process so tenders are assessed objectively enabling early decisions to be made about the best opportunities for your business.
  • Undertake detailed risk assessments of tenders using RiskOrganizer.
  • Assess the costs of carrying risks, develop contingencies and understand the affect of risk mitigation strategies using RiskIntegrator.
  • Improve subcontracting arrangements based on appropriate risk sharing strategies.
  • Manage your risks during a contract and assess the cost of unresolved issues using IssuesValuer.
  • Plan and manage safety issues

In addition risk management also applies to internal business processes. These processes may be readily integrated with those that apply to Contracts.

Getting started

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