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an objective assessment to be made of issues arising from your contract

derives a realistic “bottom line” figure to enable efficient negotiation

reduces the time and costs of managing issues and disputes

a more efficient Mediation process.

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Agreeing issues that arise in a contract can be an emotionally, time consuming and expensive operation particularly when there are many issues that have to be resolved. IssuesValuer™ was developed to assist in deriving a realistic total settlement figure. Negotiation of a single “bottom line” figure makes negotiation a much more efficient process.

IssuesValuer™ enables a small in-house team to undertake a line by line review of all issues in terms of:

  • Liability - how an issue may be argued (eg variation or a claim outside the contract under an Act) and the probability of that argument succeeding
  • Quantum – how much each argument may result in in terms of Best, Most Likely and Worst case values

A Monte Carlo simulation of the values is then run which derives the most likely settlement figure. This figure may then be negotiated with the other party.

IssuesValuer™ may also be used in Mediation where each party derives their own “bottom line” figure for use in agreeing a settlement figure.

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