Project Risk Management A KISS approach - eBook

This eBook provides the steps we have developed over many years of consultancy to help you undertake project risk management in your organisation.

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The eBook is divided into two parts as follows:

  • Contents
    • Introduction
  • Part 1 The KISS process
    • Keeping it Simple
    • Setting the context
    • Objectives
    • Identifying and describing risks
    • Analysis
    • Treatments
    • ERM and Project risk management – some of the problems
    • ERM and Project risk – some solutions
    • Contingency and Qualitative risks
    • Contingency and Inherent Risk
    • Contingency, Financial Management and Gatekeeping
  • Part 2 Toolsets
    • Some thoughts on Software
    • Project Level Risk Management
    • Risk Management at Programme and Portfolio Level
    • Contingency and Qualitative risks
    • Contingency and Inherent Risk
  • Concluding remarks

Each chapter is a short bite that you could read while having a quick coffee break. Mind you the whole book is less than 60 pages and you may find it sufficiently gripping that you will want to read it in one sitting!

The contents reflect what many of our Clients are now doing so you can be assured that the process works.

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