How efficient is your risk process?

We focus only on data essential to managing risks:

  • A Risk Breakdown Structure – key to an integrated system
  • A risk description in a single sentence
  • Analysis – Likelihood and Impact
  • Treatment description, owner and action date

Compare this with your current system “a data efficiency checklist”.

How much time could you save by using an “essentials only” process?

Would a toolset benefit you?

Managers want a toolset that:

  • increases efficiency (easy data management)
  • increases effectiveness by enabling any manager quick access to the precise information they need

What else would help you?

Risk Organizer

Can you imagine an easier (more efficient) toolset?

  • One screen for data entry
  • One tab for reports so you can focus on:
    • Managing risks
    • Finding risks of interest to you
    • Trends and governance

See how simple RiskOrganizer is by using the demo

The user-name is RTRO and password 123.

You may find this RiskOrganizer exploration guide useful.



  • is a monthly subscription
  • with no lock in contract
  • subscriptions may be increased or decreased as your needs change

Your subscription includes procedures for:

  • Developing a Risk Breakdown Structure
  • Facilitating a risk workshop
  • Facilitating a contingency workshop
And also includes RiskValuer so you can assess the cost of carrying risks

Need Some Help?

Our goal with Consultancy is unusual as it is the same as yours:
circle Minimise Consultancy and keep your costs down.

We do this by focussing on your teams becoming competent in the system as fast as possible so that Consultancy is no longer required.

We can undertake all consultancy and workshops remotely.

All our Consultancy is deliverable based so you can assess the value prior to engagement.

Our specific Consultancy packages are described here.