Risk Management Software - RiskOrganizer

Risk Management should be simple and efficient if it is to be adopted by everyone.

RiskOrganizer will enable you to:
Save time
Improve communication
Enhance reporting & control

RiskOrganizer Features

  • Proven minimalist process

    Why waste time on non­ essential data?

  • Intuitive

    One simple intuitive screen to Manage data

  • Single Screen

    To obtain reports filtered by Users for their exact needs

  • Reports

    That focus on risk data AND management of risk

  • Risk Management

    Easily caters for project, programme /portfolio and operational risk management

  • Monte Carlo

    Built in Monte Carlo modelling for cost contingency management

  • Cloud based

    So easily accessible by any User including external parties

  • Positive ROI

    Time saved easily exceeds subscription cost (immediately positive ROI)

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Using RiskOrganizer will...

  • Focussed and efficient workshops save on participant’s time.
  • Single intuitive Manage screen makes data management a breeze
  • Easy filtering ensures reviews focus on specific needs
Improve your
  • Cloud based so information easily accessed on any device by any User
  • Report Users can see exactly what they need at anytime
  • Automatic reminders to Treatment owners helps proactive management
Give you greater
reporting & control
  • Reports that focus on managing risks (not just risk data)
  • Comparison of risk management activity between projects
  • Project profiling against a programme to assist in gate reviews
  • More predictable and visible cost contingency



Assessing Qualitative Contingency

"We guarantee that you will not find simpler processes or toolsets anywhere"
Our processes and toolsets have been developed from practical experience.
This means that you can be assured:

1. They work
2. They are simple to use
3. They have withstood the test of time

KISS is our mantra. The processes and toolsets are as minimalist and efficient as is possible.

After 30 years in the field we can guarantee that you will not find simpler processes or simpler toolsets anywhere.

Prove us wrong and we will give you a FREE
lifetime user licence!

What Our Clients Say...

“By using RiskOrganizer, different stakeholders come together and not just identify the risk, but just as important, treatments.”

Tim Wise, Director
Capital Works Consulting

“Over the six years that I used RiskOrganizer, it fundamentally changed the way we approached risk management such that I recommended it to other internal business units because I believed they would benefit from using it as well.”

Senior Project Manager

“We’ve found RiskOrganizer to be intuitive and very easy to use. Plus, the support is excellent. Any requirement for custom reports have always been provided promptly.”

Major Projects Manager

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