RiskOrganizer Information

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Key Attributes:

  • A single data entry screen with minimal data entry that enables efficient workshops.
  • Supports development of an organisation specific framework (a Risk Breakdown Structure - RBS) so you have a consistent approach to risk management and reporting across your business. (See RBS pdf)
  • An input screen that readily enables risk and treatments to be found, copied when needed, and updated.
  • Reports that are designed to not only assist with project level management and reporting but also management of risk at programme and portfolio level.
  • An inbuilt Monte Carlo simulation tool (Risk Valuer) that enables you to make an objective and visible assessment of a suitable contingency amount.
  • The process, together with using a similar process for the estimate (refer ContingencyEstimator information sheet) has been demonstrated to give a realistic assessment of the contingency required. (When compared with the actual contingency used when the project is completed).
  • Available as a Cloud service so you can access the data from any device with a browser. This also enables you to give access to RiskOrganizer's data and/or reports for use by external organisations who are assisting you with your project (eg external consultants)

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