Easily assess the cost of risks that MAY happen by:

  • Using RiskOrganizer (RiskValuer is inbuilt and included in subscription)
  • Holding a small workshop to assess initial data
  • Updating as changes to risks occurs

To see how easy RiskValuer is to use see this sheet.

And trial RiskValuer by going to:

The user-name is RTRO and password 123.

How does this compare with your current process?

Improving scope definition

Estimates are inherently uncertain with some items based on well-founded data ranging through to guesses.

ContingencyEstimator supports:

  • A small structured inquisitorial workshop to:
    • Improve values and generate alternative ideas
    • Identify missing scope (eg interfaces)
  • Ready updating as changes occur (including actuals)
  • Integrates RiskValuer data to enable one step simulation for:
    • Gatekeeping (during planning)
    • Monthly project end cost forecasting (during implementation)

To see how easy ContingencyEstimator is to use see this sheet

Trial ContingencyEstimator by going to:

The user-name is RTCE and password 123

Here is a quick guide to exploring ContingencyEstimator

Subscriptions are monthly with no lock in contract and may be increased or decreased to meet your needs.


Predicting the end cost of issues

Issues arise on any project and can be costly and time consuming to resolve.

IssuesValuer enables you to objectively review issues and derive a “bottom line” figure that can be used in negotiations.

The benefits and process are outlined in this brochure:

IssuesValuer is offered as part of consultancy. Please contact us using our Consultancy page