About Us

Does your organisation simply treat project risk management as a tick and flick exercise because there is a policy that says it needs to be done? Or do staff simply avoid it because they don’t know how to manage risk properly? Maybe you try and manage risk in spreadsheets but, let’s be honest, spreadsheets are a nightmare!

Whatever your position, you already know that not managing project risk well, can lead to disaster. That’s why RiskTools makes project risk management quicker and easier so that you can manage your projects professionally and with confidence.

RiskTools is perfect for you, your team and your organisation if you are challenged by:

  • Having to adopt an enterprise system that does not adapt to a project environment.
  • PM teams who are overloaded and see risk management as just another process to be ticked off.
  • Corporate managers who want to be made aware of risks that will affect them.
  • Financial Managers who query estimates and the derivation of contingency.

We started the RiskTools journey back in 2000 with RiskOrganizer, because we faced some of the same challenges and attitudes you do. Since then, we’ve added ContingencyEstimator and IssuesValuer as easy-to-use tools to help you manage project risk.

Our company’s mindset has always been to help you address your specific project risk management problems. Please contact us if you would like to explore how RiskTools can help you move to better management of project risk.

If you aren’t quite ready to discuss your needs, but still want to move towards better project risk management, then our free eBook addresses many of the issues and challenges you face.

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