Initial Assistance

Initial Assistance

(Benefit a project or inhouse initiative and develop inhouse competency)

  • Initial assistance is designed to enable you to quickly hit the ground running.
  • We facilitate initial workshops, so an internal initiative or project immediately benefits.
  • In parallel one of your team assists so they develop competency and can then manage the system going forward.

Initial Assistance has four steps:

1. We send you a free no obligation proposal

You review the proposal (which will also include some options for your consideration). If acceptable you advise us together with your nominated in-house trainee.

2. The first step will be to baseline your current system. This will enable you to remeasure after the workshops and assess the value to you.

3. Hold risk workshops

  • We will provide all information needed for you to manage this.
  • You select participants and arrange venue.
  • We facilitate workshops.
  • A 5 User 3 month susbcription will be included in our proposal to enable you to continue with risk management after the workshop.

4. You repeat for next initiative or project as required!

That said we are happy to support your inhouse improvement, competency development and resource peaks as needed.

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