Tailored Solution

Tailored Solution

  • A tailored solution starts with a call that we will arrange so we can understand your specific requirements.
  • This can be a “one off” need through to organisation wide improvement.
  • After the call we will develop a phased plan for the initiative. Each phase will be measurable and costed.
  • The phases may be progressively accepted so you remain in control.

A tailored solution is designed to address your immediate needs and
flag potential improvements over the longer term.

Initial video call to better understand your immediate needs

  • We will develop draft plan with phases for your review.
  • Each phase will be costed including ways to measure how it contributes to improving your business outcomes.

Undertake selected phases

  • We jointly undertake phases that you have selected in accordance with your timeline and budget.
  • Each phase is measured against initial baseline and business improvements highlighted.

The first phase will normally include a quick assessment of your current system as a baseline for future measurement.

Progressively undertake phases

The end goal of any consultancy work is for in-house competency to be developed. Our role should cease as soon as practicable to keep your costs to a minimum.

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