General Interest

The Guide to Effective Risk Management

Your risk process is not as efficient as it could be. (This video will enable you to measure and assess this statement for yourself.) That means users time is being wasted. Processes and their improvement are an in house responsibility. Challenge yourself and get the best result for your business. If you are using spreadsheets...

Non-essential data

Risk management has been an increasing focus for many businesses over recent years. This has in turn increased the number of "experts" which (although hopefully well intentioned) has resulted in new ideas. Increasing requirements detract from efficiency and good risk management. This video addresses problems associated with some of these "non-essential" items.

Managing Estimate Uncertainty

Estimates by their nature are uncertain. Would being able to model estimate variables, improve scope definition, and deriving a suitable inherent contingency make your life easier? Would quick updating as new information arrives, optioneering and project end cost forecasting during implementation also help? This 8 minute video will show how this is now possible and with...