How to add value to your Consultancy business

How to add value to your Consultancy business

Even before Covid 19 both State and Federal Governments had allocated substantial funds and dramatically increased the number of projects in the pipeline. As Covid 19 restrictions are eased and Governments around the world try to need to re-kindle their economies by funding new projects the demand for project resources will continue to increase. The planned rates of expenditure will be hard to achieve given the finite level of project resources.

Many Consultants are already very busy and recruiting more resources to help with the increasing workload has and will continue to be a challenge. Indeed, gaining access to quality resources can be a bidding competition between Consultants.

So, what can be done? One aspect is to do more with less. For those involved in projects good risk management is a major driver to whether a project is successful. Even “successful” projects could often have done better with improved risk management.

Our focus is the same as any Consultant – to add value to our Clients and (hopefully) get repeat business. Our processes and toolsets have all been designed with adding value in mind. The good news for Consultants is that there is nothing to prevent them from undertaking the processes, deriving similar benefits for their Clients and differentiating themselves from the competition. The process is described in our brochure CONSULTANTS AND RISK MANAGEMENT ADDING VALUE TO YOUR BUSINESS.

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