RiskTools evolved as a result of Consultancy work undertaken with many Clients. The processes that were developed sprung from AS/NZS 4360 which (as with many) standards describes “What” needs to be done. (The processes also support the latest standard – ISO 31000.) The “What” raises the question of “How” which in turn drives what is required of a “Tool”. This may be shown diagrammatically:

Early in our formative years a team of risk specialists worked on the “How” and this resulted in our “essentials only” focus. This “How” informed the development of our software Tools. The result is that our software supports a well-honed repeatable process. These procedures are straightforward and largely described in the Help manual of the software.


Additionally, we have workshop procedures that are available at no cost to any who have purchased a subscription. Our goal with these procedures is to assist both any Client to develop competency in the processes so they may be undertaken in-house.

For more details please visit our Consultancy page. If you are a Consultant, then, once you have developed in house competency there is the opportunity to assist your Clients with these efficient processes.
In addition to the above we provide a range of consultancy where the nature of the work does not warrant in house competency (eg they are infrequent and the cost/benefit does not support developing in-house expertise). More detail on these may also be found on our Consultancy page.

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